Walking the grounds of the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu

My name is Daniel Martin and I have recently graduated from Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, Indiana with a BA in Communications. During my time in college, I have had incredible experiences that have allowed me to grow in my understanding of the world in which I live. To that end, I believe my college years will continue to be some of the most important and formative of my life.

The very core of my education is experiential learning. Students graduating from Holy Cross are expected to complete four seperate, but equally important, experiences. These experiences are as follows: service learning experience, an internship, an international immersion experience, and a senior capstone presentation. These experiences both stand own their own merits and compliment my other numerous and valuable experiences very well.

The theme of my efolio page is "Knowledge demands change." I chose this theme because the more I learn and the more I experience in my life, the more I have the ability to change not only the life I live, but the other lives around me. The more experiences I have, the more I must re-evaluate my own life and opinions. Life is dynamic progress.

Thank you for visiting my efolio page, please feel free to look around and browse through the tabs on the left. Hope you enjoy!